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An interactive educational magazine of Beehive Communication Club!

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We launch our first Online Interactive Educational Magazine, ‘WoW!’.

'WoW!' is appropriate for anyone over 10 years of age.

‘WoW!’ brings video sessions with facts that the internet wonders.

‘WoW!’ doesn’t teach what’s in the book. It teaches what you NEED from the book.

‘WoW!’ gives you a virtual stage to speak.

‘WoW!’ gives you ample scope to listen, read and write independently.

‘WoW!’ lets you meet our evaluators. They evaluate and better your performances.

Why ‘WoW!’?

Toppers so far...


A UK based online interactive library which comes with an international certificate by the end of a year!

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myON is a product of the UK and thereby, the books published in the portal are majorly from there.

myON finds the ZPD (Reading capacity) of a Reader through an assessment and recommends books based on his/her ZPD.

myON conducts a quiz as and when the Reader completes a book. The ZPD increases eventually.

myON starts recommending new set of books based on the raised ZPD.

myON offers a user friendly Dictionary usage when you click on any word.

myON switches to audio mode and reads the book for you, if you choose to.

myON allows a teacher/trainer to guide the Readers in the process.

Beehive Communication Club recommends myON for effective reading.


An assorted package of Beehive Communication Club with various training modules that shall be customized based on the needs of individuals!

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Odyssey online is a training programme that comes with the video sessions of experts on various topics pertaining to Communication skills and Spoken English.

The subscriber shall choose from the list of training modules and customise his/her training programme.

Topics available:

1. English Grammar
2. Tips for Effective Public Speaking
3. Techniques to improve vocabulary
4. Listening skills
5. Phonetics

The number of hours of the training sprint differs based on the topics, the subscriber picks.

Online Odyssey is a handpicked collection of the finest modules of Beehive Communication Club. Avail it and we would feel honoured to have served you with our best.